Who are we?

Company "In Alto Online It Academy" offers to study programmes creation at home and in a pleasant atmosphere for you with the aid of differint programming languages.

Classes expected on the online (distant) studying, that gives a possibility to spare much time for learning of the course programme. You will learn to programme, using such well-known languages as: Java, С#, php, html, JavaScript and so on. Our teachers have a great programming experience both at Ukrainian and foreighn companies. Out teachers are pedagogues - pragrammers of the well-known IT companies. The index of their succesful work is a great number of employed in speciality students. We also invite specialists for teaching activities, which are working in the IT-industry. It enables to exchange the experience and keep the topicality of studying programmes.

The listeners will be able to listen the cources, those are tested during a few years of teaching and composed in accordance with the requirements of business.

The IT-industry is always in a dynamic development. The training of this industry`s specialists has also to correspond to the requirements of time

A test class is free , where You will meet Your teacher and the programme. And only after that You will confirm the agreement. We make everything for your comfortable studying. Now You can pay for studying in parts

All You need to do is to leave an application on our web-site or to call us 097 - 4 - 680 - 741 and to study qualitative and comfortable

Single classes

The class isn`t in group.
The individual classes are conducted with 100% of teacher`s attention and control during all the lesson. Such kind of classes is conducted with a permanent diagnostic and determination of individual tasks, style and tempo of class in accordance to necessities and possibilities of each student.

Control of hometasks fulfilment

The control provides a help during the preparation of homework from the topical subject. The solutions of tasks for knowledge fixing and direct playback are a help in the operating of this knowledge. Before we demand student`s knowledge we give it them and our students use their skills in practice

Effective usage of time

A successful independent work is impossible without well-organized distribution of time. The classes are spent with a training of self-organization. An experience shows that students give worse results not having time to introduce their real knowledge, because of a wrong organization of time (especially it is shown at the control classes).

Usage of innovative technologies

Teaching the common skills of research, a self-dependent search of knowledge sources for increasing success.

Continuity in studying

Studying is oriented on the content-bound topics with a hidden or obvious inclusion in the new topic tasks, that expects a recollection of last student`s knowledge.

A test class is free

A TEST CLASS IS FREE, where You will meet Your teacher and the programme. And only after that You will confirm the agreement.

The company "In Alto" arose due to a permanent growing of necessity in programmers of a high quality in the IT industry. A perennial experience of teaching the disciplines in informatics and a permanent cooperation with business have given the possibility to work out an optimal programme of cources in the area of IT-experts` training.
Our purpose is the training of IT-experts, which could work at the IT-companies after their studying at once. Our cources are oriented both on persons, which have got the base knowledges in programming and on newcomers. A content and form of material presentation can adapt to the middle level of student`s knowledge. It enables to deliver the material to the listeners by the best way.

Office Courses

Students Reviews

Андрій Студент Закінчив курс Java Core. Задоволений, грамотно "розкладено по поличках" і головне доступно! По закінченню навчання отримав декілька пропозицій стосовно роботи в солідних компаніях.
Владислав Студент Почав проходити курс програмування Java, повністю задоволений вже від першого заняття, адже викладання дійсно на дуже високому рівні, також дуже подобається що графік занять формується під зручний мені час.
Рональд Студент Почав навчання з Миколою Коцюбою. Напрямок HTML+CSS+PHP. Все на вищому рівні,пояснення,подача матеріалу на високому рівні.Багато завдань, і простору для розвиту. Графік занять дуже гнучкий.
Оксана Студентка Чудові курси і прекрасний викладач! я дуже вдячна за таку плідну співпрацю. пройшла повністю курс. Микола дуже легко та доступно подає матеріал. побільше б таких кваліфікованих, розумних викладачів!